About us

Red Rock Salsa was born from a passion for great-tasting salsa and a desire for something more than what was available on store shelves. John and Trish, the founders of the company, spent years experimenting with different combinations of fresh produce and spices to create the perfect flavor and heat profile. Finally, in 1987, they achieved their goal and created a salsa that was so delicious that it quickly became a closely guarded secret shared only among their family and friends.

Now, after over 35 years of perfecting their secret recipe, John and Trish are proud to share Red Rock Salsa with the rest of the world. Inspired by the red rocks of their native Utah, the salsa has a sweet beginning and a spicy kick that has made it a beloved staple for generations. Made in small batches using only the freshest ingredients, Red Rock Salsa is the perfect addition to any meal. Whether you're a fan of tacos, chips, or grilled meats and vegetables, this salsa is sure to add a touch of flavor and heat to any dish. So go ahead, try it for yourself and taste the difference of a salsa that's been crafted with care and love for over three decades!

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