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The Art of Making Red Rock Salsa in Small Batches

At Red Rock Salsa, we think that spending the time to prepare salsa properly is the key to generating amazing salsa. Because of this, we only use the freshest ingredients while making our salsa, and we use traditional cooking techniques. Here's a glimpse at how Red Rock Salsa is made in secret, small batches.

We begin by using the freshest foods we can locate. Wherever possible, we purchase our vegetables from nearby farmers, and we only utilize the highest-quality tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, and other ingredients. To ensure that only the greatest product is used to prepare our salsa, every piece of produce is carefully chosen.

Next, we prepare the ingredients by hand. Everything is chopped and diced by our skilled chefs, who have years of experience in creating the perfect texture and flavor. We don't use any artificial preservatives or flavorings, just the natural goodness of our fresh ingredients.

Then, we cook the salsa in small batches using traditional methods. We simmer the vegetables and spices together in our large kettles, carefully monitoring the heat and stirring the mixture to ensure that everything is evenly cooked. This process takes time and attention to detail, but it's what gives our salsa its unique flavor and texture.

In order to ensure that every batch of salsa reaches our high standards of quality, we hand-pack each jar by hand. In our family-run company's modest commissary kitchen in Millcreek, Utah, we produce each batch by hand. We take pride in making our salsa with the same care and precision that we would in our own home kitchen.

As a result, producing Red Rock Salsa in tiny amounts is an art that calls for finesse, perseverance, and attention to precision. But what distinguishes our salsa from the competition is this commitment to excellence. 

So the next time you enjoy a jar of Red Rock Salsa, know that it was made with care and passion by a team of skilled chefs and artisans.

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